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Torrent Tents – the “Perfect Pyramid”


Designed to excel as extreme weather all season tents, from deserts to blizzards, this may be the most stable and comfortable tent you will ever own. The design was derived from tents known as SPIKE TENTS, a design chosen by early North Country explorers and woodsmen. The original tents provided storm worthy shelter that was quick to set up and provided ample usable space, all at a manageable weight.

I have taken the original design and tweaked it until it was perfect! The design gathers its strength from the unique tension on the roof, and using three poles instead of one. Easily set up by one person using a minimum of eight stakes, then simple adjustments of tension lines will bring the roof taught and stabilize the tent for any foul weather. The Torrent’s design makes best use of the lightweight and durable 7 oz. canvas. 10 oz. Canvas can be special ordered at an additional cost. Both canvas weights are Sunforger treated army duck which is flame-retardant, water repellent, and mildew resistant. The Torrent Tent has steep roof lines that promote snow slide for winter use, and minimize surface area in high wind. With its elevated sides, the Torrent Tent creates a very livable space inside; you’ll notice the extra room right away. These tents are roomier than a straight range tent, but cozier and easier to heat than a wall tent. All this in a total package weight that will surprise you, it is easily half the weight of similar tents.

10 X 12 With stove 12X15torrent Sm Torrent Half Sm

My Torrent Tents feature a front door that actually leans out and is covered by a 12” awning for weather protection, ease of entry and exit, as well as easy access to the zipper! You will notice that the walls actually angle out at 20% as well. This makes water drip away from the base of the tent and gives advanced tension to the roof. With a large enough A-frame, the Torrent Tent can be suspended from the top loop, instead of using the center pole. In re-engineering the design, I have found that the taller mid-walls and lower corners are pivotal. The Torrent Tent is 16” off the ground in the corners but the center side walls rise up to 30” tall. For rare occasions when even greater stability is desired, an additional pole can be used to support the mid-sides on all three sides, not the corners.


Unlike the Range, and Prairie the Torrent Tent is rectangle. I make a 6' X 8', 8' X 10', 10' X 12', and a 12' X 15', that's 180 sq. that sets up easily by one person, using essentially three poles, and only weighs 65 lbs. with sewn in floor, and aluminum pole set!

Stove Jack Sm Vent Two 8X10s

"Options that fit the Torrent tent to the way you use it!"


The Torrent Tent's unique design supports a wide range of options that increase the comfort and livability over other tent designs. Large or small screened windows can be added to all three walls, and every window can be opened and closed from inside the tent! For even more airflow we can add a high vent in the roofline. The tensioned roof makes for very stable stove- jack placement. Unlike other tents, our roof keeps the stove pipe still even in high winds. The stove jack can be placed in the front corner of the tent, or at the top peak which will place the stove in the center of the tent. The single-panel front door opens easily to one side, without the hassle of having to deal with a second screen door! The other side of the front wall is the perfect place for a large screen window. You choose the floor or no floor option that is best for you. The Torrent can easily be made with sod cloth and removable floor. This option is most requested when it is used more like a cook tent, or heated with a stove in cold snowy weather. Or it can be sewn to have a fully attached floor so bugs and critters stay outside. We make an optional "radiant stove mat" if you choose to have a floor and a stove. With both floor options there is a 7" vinyl base around the perimeter of the tent keeping the canvas from touching the ground.

If you chose the no floor option but want the option of having a floor some times, my floor attachment system will really interest you. The optional floor will have loops sewn to its perimeter. These loops push through grommets in the tent and get staked to the ground. This makes the most bomber floor attachment you have ever seen.
The outfitter option may include a tent with no floor and no threshold. The Torrent Tent will never offer all the space that a wall tent can offer but in smaller groups it can be used as a cook tent. With a back door no floor or threshold it feels just like a cook tent at half the hardware that a cook tent requires to set up.

I have designed the Torrent to be the most versatile tent on the market. It is my best work so far. I have named it after four of the rivers that flow out from the beautiful San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado where it is made.

Inside 8 X 10 No Floor Inside 8X10 Detachable Floor Sm No Threshold Sm


Torrent tents Torrent tent
without floor
Torrent tent with
detachable floor
Torrent tent with sewn in floor Aluminum poles
6 X 8 $601 $758 $657 $73
8 X 10 $703 $865 $767 $157
10 X 12 $828 $1,048 $886 $168
12 X 14 $1,050 $1,337 $1,107 $168
Small window Large window Door window Vent Stove jack
$43 $58 $77 $38 $76

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